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I have more books coming in May…

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

I’ve written several books, but I never had the courage to publish them until now.

In May, I’m going to release one novel and two novelettes. Pre-Orders will be up soon and I will post links once I get the information.

I won’t say too much, but I will say the names of the books are called Kyvariz, Pitaraq Dusk, and Transparent Sabbath respectively. All of them are one-shot stories and I actually wrote them in both NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo years ago.

Stay tuned.

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So I discovered a metal band from Togo the other day.

I needed to discover some new music since I’ve faced some repetition with my typical playlists. After watching a music video from a band I haven’t listened to in a while called Wrust.

Then I found these guys.

This is Arka’n. They are a metal band from Lomé, Togo of all places. Besides some typical metal instrumentation, they mix elements of African rhythms, reggae, rap, and funk. I thought it was cool how coalesced the musical styles were and how creative their songs are. This was a pleasant surprise for me as I wanted to find some new music.

Hollandus Landing IS BACK! Free or Pay-What-You-Want download on Noisetrade!

Hollandus Landing is now in a compiled eBook form and it’s at whatever price you want it for. Including FOR FREE!

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

Hollandus Landing 3

It’s time!

Hollandus Landing is finally published in ebook form.

The best part is that you can get this at your own price. If you want to pay $1? That’s fine. You want to pay $10? That works. You want to get Hollandus Landing for free? That is also acceptable.

You can download this on Noisetrade.

Feel free to relive the stories from the forty souls inside Hollandus Landing!


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Shame on Starbucks #BoycottStarbucks

I normally don’t make posts like this on any of my blogs, but I’ve been so disgusted lately that I just have to talk about it.

Some of you who have followed me here or any of my other blogs should know that I cannot stand racism. As a minority myself, I’ve been profiled at shops and restaurants before even though I was buying something. I hear about the crap going on at Starbucks as seen in these first two videos here and I’m just sickened by it. In 2018, discrimination still exists. No one regardless of race or ethnicity should be treated poorly because of their skin color. I’m not going to let companies disrespect people just because I don’t look like most people in America.

Fortunately, boycotts are easy if you think about it. All you have to do is NOT spend money. No need to go out on the streets, vote, or causing a ruckus. What you can do is to support your local coffee shop businesses (bonus points if they carry Fair Trade products). You get to invest in your community and help your hometown’s local economy.

Until they change, then I’m not giving a penny to Starbucks.

Iridium Eye Flashback: Haibane Renmei

For those that know about my film and anime reviews, I made a flashback post back to when I reviewed Haibane Renmei. That’s the first ever thing I gave a 10/10 points.

Iridium Eye Reviews

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Hello, everyone!

When I did my one year anniversary post last month, I had a lot of thoughts. It’s been a fun journey reviewing things, but I realized that not all of my followers or casual viewers have been familiar with my older reviews when I started Iridium Eye.

This needs to change.

Once a month, I will highlight a review that I wrote close to the same time a year ago. I know I have some highlights that I’ve written a while back. This first flashback (or 2nd if you count my anniversary post mentioning Theeb) is Haibane Renmei.

Haibane Renmei has a big place in my heart. It was a powerful anime series for me to watch and it really up-ended my understanding of what storytelling can be in an animated format. The characters were relatable and multiple scenes really hit me in the feels even…

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Ospreyshire Interview w/ The Antidote!


For those of you that missed the broadcast, Dave Hawkins from The Antidote archived the audio from that podcast!

In this interview, I talk about how I got the name Ospreyshire, my music, creativity, some spiritual stuff, blogging, anime, and even a HUGE announcement for future projects.

Thanks, Dave!