One week until Revezia is released

10/26/18, everyone!

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

10/26/18, everyone!

Terminal Rescue:

Shattered Crowns:

Praxis of the Disenchanted:

Tales from the Mage Colony:

Don’t forget that the Revezia Sampler is available on NoiseTrade!

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Could Teresa Klein AKA Cornerstore Caroline get charged?

So there are some interesting questions that are being raised about this irksome situation.

For those of you not in the know, recently, there was this devil named Teresa Klein who was in a corner store in Brooklyn who claimed that a 9-year-old Black boy sexually assaulted her even though she lied about it. There was even video evidence from said store which shows the boy’s backpack brushing against her by accident. She flipped out, took her outrage on a child and his mother who was there. Also, Teresa decided to do some sexual poses at the store presumably to mock that family at the child’s expense before calling the cops on a CHILD! There was some smartphone footage of her arguing with the family and some passersby who were angry at her and she gets called Cornerstore Caroline as a way to continuing the trend of Caucasian people calling the cops on Black people for stupid reasons (see: Barbecue Becky, Permit Patty, et all.). On the same footage, Cornerstore Caroline claimed she was a police officer even though she’s not.

The videos went viral and these Brooklyn residents are rightfully upset at the situation. Had this not have been recorded, this could’ve been a modern-day Emmett Till situation given the history of wild and false accusations like this one. If the DA decides not to charge her with abusing 911, racial profiling, slander, or even doing lewd acts in front of a minor (why would she be worried about a 9-year-old touching her non-existent behind? Just saying.), one felonious thing she did while being caught on camera is lying about being a police officer! That alone should get her jail time and she was found dead to rights in making this false claim. I hope the people of Brooklyn pressure the DA to do the right thing. We can’t have individuals lying about being sexually abused let alone feeling threatened just because a Black person just happened to be in their vicinity. When they call the police, they’re implying that they want to see those people dead or at least locked up and people should be aware of that. This can’t go on and those heinous people need to be punished for threatening and traumatizing the community. Come on, if a Black person or any ethnic minority were to do the same thing to a White child by making up a story to call the cops on them, the caller would be in jail right now and laws would be passed to prevent anything like that from happening again. Cornerstore Caroline can’t get away with this form of child abuse via false claims to 911.

Video courtesy of The Advise Show.

2 year anniversary of Ospreyshire’s Realm

I just got this notification and my blog has been around for two years already.

Wow, time has certainly flown by. I originally made this blog as a platform for my current spoken word/Avant-garde project. Funny how I’ve expanded my repertoire with multiple blogs, doing the Katauta 52 challenge, and talking about important events on here.

I’d like to thank anyone who’s bothered to follow my works and support me.

Revezia Sampler on NoiseTrade

Here’s a sampler of four books in my next series! Get it for free or by tipping on NoiseTrade!

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

Revezia Sampler(1)

Here’s a sampler you can download on NoiseTrade. This sampler contains the first chapters of the first four books of this big deconstructive sci-fi/fantasy series I’ve been writing since 2014. Please download it and I hope you check out the full books on 10/26/18. Maybe you’ll appreciate the world-building, satirical elements, inverted tropes, or other things in this series.

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Q & A: Your Answers! (All 3 of them)

Here are my answers from my Iridium Eye Q & A!

Iridium Eye Reviews

I waited long enough, but here’s my end of the bargain. This is where I get to respond to these questions and promote whoever bothered to ask them in the first place.

1. “What do you look for in a series when you are looking for something to watch?”- Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews

Good question, Scott. This question obviously involves anime since I do cover that topic on this blog. When it comes to things I haven’t re-watched on Iridium Eye, I look for a few things. I tend to see if it’s from a creator I know first. Besides that, I tend to look for things such as originality, interesting characters, and a subject that will get me somewhat engaged. Sure, I’ve gone into a bunch of anime and movies blind, so I don’t become tainted by other reviews or hearing what the fanbase says. Sometimes it has…

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One year later…I still miss you, Gloria Bland AKA Grammy.


This didn’t even feel like one whole year already and I still feel wistful.

For those that didn’t know, I made a post last year commemorating Gloria Bland who is my grandmother. She passed away this time last year and it rattled me for a long time. This was someone who I was close to and it came out of nowhere. She died peacefully, but I wished it didn’t happen. After that, I had no more living grandparents. If you’re curious, that’s also my grandfather James Bland who died when I was only twelve years old. As sappy as it sounds, I know Granddaddy was ecstatic seeing his bride once again in the afterlife. I couldn’t stop crying at her funeral and I’m man enough to admit it. During this time, I was in the middle of my big Katauta 52 project and I was devastated. It did force me to honor her. That clock in the video used to belong to her, so that’s why I had it as the main image.

Discovering Ethiopian Rap Music: Cypher Abyssinia 2016

Here’s a quick post that some of you may be interested in.

I haven’t spotlighted many musicians outside of ZAP Records (the label I’m affiliated with), but I thought I would branch out by discovering some music off the beaten path. You’ve all noticed that I’ve been talking a bunch about Africa lately with some various news sources going on there, but I thought I would change it up with their music scene. I’ve been listening to some pop music in Africa mainly in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, and Togo recently, but I randomly discovered this series of music. It’s called Cypher Abyssinia which is a yearly rap tradition in Ethiopia where their rappers spit some verses together. However, they aren’t rapping in English. It’s all in Amharic, one of the major languages in that country. For those of you that don’t know, that’s the same language that The Weeknd used in the outro to his song “The Hills” (he’s Ethiopian-Canadian, for those that didn’t know), and the alphabet used in that language (Ge’ez script) is one of the inspirations of the Wakandan alphabet in Black Panther. It sounds really cool hearing rap music in an African language. Bonus points for incorporating traditional rhythms and melodies while mixing it with a hip-hop beat. Feel free to check it out!

Video courtesy of AND Tunes

6 New Books Are Available Today!

6 of my books are now available! The prices range from $0.99-3.99!

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

Today is the day, everyone! I have 6 new books of different genres and types from $0.99-$3.99!

Diptych Souls [Drama/Slice-of-life Cell Phone Novel]:

If I Could Only Be the Moon [Drama Cell Phone Novel]:

Quarterback in Daffodil Heights [Fantasy/Parody/Satire Novel]:

Global Guru Elisha [Drama/Slice-of-Life/Youth Fiction Junior Novel]:

Runa the Silencer [Dark Fantasy/Horror/Action Novelette]:

Zombie Hunter in the Eight Star Mall [Horror/Parody/Satire Novelette]:

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