I’m genuinely shocked that there’s hatred toward Disney Adults. I never saw any backlash against that fandom offline.


I just read this article, and I was genuinely shocked. There were some legitimate acts of immaturity coming from people in their 20s and 30s. Not just watching or liking the movies, but getting the big weddings, memorizing various facts, or having pilgrimages to any of the Disney parks. I never saw Disney fans get made fun of online or real life, but I guess I’m not on the internet enough because I’m busy in my offline life, I study other things, and I actually touch grass. Not going to lie, I did laugh about those quotes involving millennials not having the spirit of Cinderella when you’re 30 or people trying not to “profess horniness” for Disney’s fox iteration of Robin Hood. However, I’m not surprised of the statistic how you have lots of middle-class and richer white women being in this fandom or how that fandom doesn’t care about legitimately horrible things that the company is done such as legal bullying, child exploitation, racism, cultural appropriation, plagiarism, giving some predators/sex offenders a pass, etc, but I’d be ranting all day.

Has anyone seen this cringiness from Disney adults online and real life? Am I legitimately blind to that fandom being bashed and pathologized?

As someone who was lambasted for being a fan of independent music and anime even in my adulthood, I find this amusing like it’s some indirect way of me saying “Serves you right, Disney fans!”

My friend Jeannette’s Character Study on Reki from Haibane Renmei


I haven’t cross-promoted many posts recently, but I want to post an article from my friend Jeannette Jonic. She’s an author who also blogs about various media such as movies and anime. I recently got her into Haibane Renmei which is one of my favorite anime series of all time, and she enjoyed it. Jeannette did an article covering the characterization of Reki (one of the main characters) and it was amazing. Reki was a character I found to be very relatable especially when I re-watched it a while ago.

I’m sure all my anime fan friends would appreciate this article that she wrote.

Thanks, Terrance! My Fandom Hypocrisy Article Got Some Attention!

This was certainly unexpected.

Some of you may have read my Fandom Hypocrisy rant not too long ago. For those of you who haven’t, then you can check it out right here.

There’s a blogger named Terrance the Crow who saw this article and cross-promoted it on his page and Twitter account. Thanks for showing this article and thanks for the kind words. He’s also been great at highlighting so many people in the blogging community.

Personally, I wasn’t too sure about making that rant at first. I don’t do that many rant posts on my blogs, but there was so much internalized pressure stemming from years of being bullied for what I liked in the past and some stupidity I’ve been seeing online, that I just had to talk about it. I thought I would get bashed a lot, so I was surprised that people actually liked and respected my views on the situation at hand.

Check out Terrance the Crow, everyone!

Another Shout-Out From The Antidote!


Hey, everybody. I found out that Dave from The Antidote radio did an article about Ospreyshire and my other projects.

I thought it was very kind of him to do so, and I appreciated it.

Feel free to check out The Antidote Radio. They do a lot of great interviews and podcasts on that site.