Chapter Black Tape Marathon Viewing

So many horrors compressed into thousands of hours

Fraying senses, eroding hope

Ghastly binge-watching

Only to grasp reality

To make the most malevolent beings from Jigoku itself

Curl into fetal positions

Shuddering, sobbing sulfuric tears

While escaping those who delusionally believe in happy ever afters

Continuing falsehoods while commencing the fatal 10th step with their arsenic plastered smiles

There would be smiles, but the worst kind

Millennia upon millennia worth of cruelty was recorded and projected on the screen

The shrieking of men, women, and children became the present soundtrack

Accentuating the incidental horrors on display

The constant slaughter in the name of a higher power, pantheon, or the absence of such

Recurred by several increments

Churches razed while four girls perish inside while their assailants get free rides

Burn my eyes much like the steeple

Kings and elected officials deny the humanity of others sending millions to the afterlife

Lineages of brutality linking devils across thousands of miles as land was conquered

Black children thrown into the maws of alligators at sick sales

Liquidated lives at liquidated prices

Next to the furniture filled with human hair and upholstered with the skin of the victims

Eyes can’t look away

Lest they face sugary lies

Looking at someone the wrong way sends the looker to the grave

While in the same hour, two blades from one in the apex class penetrate the innocence and the spirit

More knives slice open those expecting to bring more life only to be snuffed with impunity

The unknown camerapeople document with unlimited memory

With cold cases and cold corpses under a defiled orphanage

Bomet lazima walipe

The cries of those lynched in uniform are deafened under the homes of those who were seen as “real heroes” to get the credit and every bill of generous intention

Severed skulls pile up and shown in private science labs

Residing in glass cases for over a century

Ignoring the potential history repeating for different communities

Vile! Vile! Everything is vile!

The arsenic smiles continuing with their haunting chants

“Just move on.”

“Let go.”

“I didn’t do those things!”

“They didn’t mean it!”

They try to choke the roses while only the thorns could be seen

The blood leaks from outside the screen though minuscule compared to the ensorcelled tape

Such a grisly insulation (or a wake-up call?) against puffed-up ideals

From those who think the world is like a fairy tale

The fallen don’t lie

This planet has truly learned nothing

Should a supplementary tape exist

It would be a pilot episode’s worth of material

Even the most raging alcoholic would become straight edge

Within just 5 minutes

No wonder this was in the bowels of the most cryptic archives

As it revealed the nethermost of humanity’s transgressions…mainly those that never saw metal bars

Mozambique gets $7.8 Million in settlements from British gem company. A rare event, indeed.

British Firm Agrees to Pay £5.8m to Victims of Abuse in Mozambique

First of all, I’d like to give props to Dr. Y and Dr. Mumbi Seraki for covering this story. Please check out the video and link above.

I couldn’t believe this just happened recently. In Mozambique, there are several ruby mines that got in control by Gemfields which is a British gem company. The problem is that their employees have physically and sexually abused the Mozambican people around the fields. They actually settled for $7.8 million for all the families of the victims. I’m shocked that a major company would give out that much money to all of those people. This is unheard of especially in an African nation where certain individuals and companies get away with atrocities like this all the time.

I’m ambivalent about what happened. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the victims are getting compensated for all of the suffering that happened to them. However, I think Gemfields should’ve paid way more since that amount is a drop in an ocean given their net profits. At least some justice was done, and I hope this starts a trend for the better, so no company gets away with it.