Be Cautious, Be Rational, and Be Healthy

You can probably see where this post is going, don’t you?

So the CV panic is going on and so many have been affected whether they got the virus or not. It’s been rough, I know. One of my day jobs has been suspended until at least the end of March, so I’ve been home a lot like many of my co-workers and supervisors at that occupation. I can’t lie to you, I’ve been nervous at times. Don’t worry, I didn’t resort to panic buying.

Yes, people should certainly do their best to be healthy and to stay safe. Make no illusion about it, but there’s no need to go overboard to hoard food or supplies, making conspiracy theories, or doing something incredibly stupid in the process like the Coronavirus Challenge (look it up if you must know, but don’t say I didn’t warn you of how stupid and disgusting of a thing it is).

I know people have been sick and even died from this illness, but let’s not ignore other illnesses that had higher mortality rates or at least had several deaths worldwide. The media has certainly sent people into a panic and I’ve seen empty shelves in some stores. I do think it’s weird how toilet paper and hand sanitizer gets wiped out, yet soap, vitamins, and even laundry detergent has been decently stocked or even full around me, but that’s a story for another day.

I’m not here to offer false hope to anyone. I just want to make sure everyone is okay during this turbulent time. Spend time with your loved ones if they’re there. If not, then give them a call. Find something constructive to do. For me, I’ve been learning a few things and even doing something mundane as cleaning the bathroom made me feel good regardless of the CV scare of not. Do some reading. Just do something to stay rational as you can. I’ve got my own issues as well, so I’m not going to pretend I’m some saint or a Marty Stu figure. I’d be lying if I said everything is perfectly fine. It’s been awkward for me to schedule some of my film and anime reviews for all of April since I don’t know if this will blow over, stay the same or get worse once that month rolls around.

Be safe, everyone.