Esteem and Dignity Shouldn’t Be This Rare For Me

I longed for whatever heroes I could find
Who could relate to me and vice versa
Shame how I ignored that desire
As I was programmed to be like those who were placed above me
My forced autodidact tendencies had to fight back
While I become enlightened
I look back in regret
No knowing what needed to know back then

Do I Offend You?

Controversial opinions have been hidden from others
Uncomfortable truths form my core
I was once too cowardly to speak with sharp verity

Slowly, that’s beginning to change

This was my way of fighting back
Lancing devils with the right words
All they could do is try to discredit me
Despite being right

Oh, how I relish in shaming those who are wrong
I was just good at hiding it

The more I learn, the more I’m compelled to teach
Knowing when to pick my battles to quell those
Who want to see me as incorrect

Are you offended by my words?
Or are you offended by reality?