Ospreyshire’s Identity Crisis Pt. II

Sometimes I don’t even know what Ospreyshire’s Realm is about

Perhaps I have so much to say

Yet I’m all over the place

Maybe I should only stick to my creative works

However, that would be irresponsible

Was I first known as an avant-garde spoken word poet?

Someone who makes written/typed poems?

Some random guy who likes international movies, documentaries, and anime despite mainly talking about it somewhere else most of the time?

Someone who has opinions about real life things?

Perhaps I don’t know what I’m trying to be anymore.

Was everything so cluttered and this realm reflected that?

I wonder why anyone even cares what Ospreyshire is about

I’m a mere drop in a digital ocean

Was I molding myself to something else or was I being molded by my own insecurities?

I saw the numbers and my creativity on here severely lacked

Funny how more cared about my caustic rant about literal copycat movies mattered more than my own originality (assuming if they weren’t angry or shuddering reading those thoughts)

Ospreyshire needs to rethink things

After seeing a pit full of painted Ls

Ospreyshire’s Identity Crisis Pt. I

Intent was a chameleon

As the original endeavor was ignored

Maybe more ears popped up

When I threw pairs of pennies

Whenever situations got very serious

What is Ospreyshire’s realm?

What is Ospreyshire (about) ?

Why is Ospreyshire about so many things?

Consistency was too busy being in the corner

At the cost of a confused identity