Eira Video

I thought I would try something new and different when it came to my videography skills. After watching some examples of visual poems and “slow cinema” (Abbas Kiarostami being a recent re-discovery), I thought I would try to make an abstract visual piece with all this snow that’s hit multiple parts of the Midwest. There were already a couple of blizzards and I used footage from this month and January while mixing it up with different transitions and effects. It certainly doesn’t hurt to expand my horizons with my media production skills.

Fun fact: The title is the Welsh word for “snow”.

3 Inches of Snow In a World of Social Distancing

It’s late March and everything is dressed in white.
Last Christmas didn’t look like this even here in the Midwest.
Adding on to the orders to stay home
Makes my confinement greater lest I go to my “essential” day job.
I try to brave this with a forced smile on my face.
I would’ve never expected to shovel in a time of quarantining.
It would be too soon to make snow angels with a corona halo looming somewhere.

Okay, I’ll be locked in with some books now.