Another Untitled Poem


Have you ever lived under constantly stormy skies?

One wonders what the sun even looks like at this point

Some rays did show from across the Atlantic

Unlikely sources including a champion

Offered some solar essences

They were appreciated

Yet it was no panacea

One still wanted to trade their existence for another

Untitled Free Verse Poem

Sometimes the greatest battles don’t happen with swords, fists, or other weapons

It happens in the mind

Invading thoughts occur without warning

Malevolent clocks running backwards and looped footage

Become scourges

There was no control to rewind everything to one’s wants

20/20 hindsight makes the slights into mountains

There needed to be no debilitation as it’s happened before

It had to start with resolve and telling the invaders to be expelled

All those times were uphill battles